Dog Games
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  • Finn Haircuts
    Finn got himself into some messy problems! Help him get a good haircut again!
    • Fantasy
  • Puppy Groomer
    These puppies need your help in this cute game. Help them in the salon and take care of them!
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  • Injured Puppy
    This cute puppy is injured and needs you to take care of him. Can you please help this cute puppy and make sure he gets all better?
    • Animals and Pets
  • Adopted Puppy Spa Makeover
    Sweet little Lina here is now the proud and happy owner of a cute puppy! She's just adopted it! Now, how about lending her a helping hand for taking the best care of her adored pooch? Help her bathe it, pamper and...
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  • Chihuahua Puppy Care
    Sofia owns a cute Chihuahua puppy which has been named Tom. Tom has gotten really dirty when playing outside, now Sofia needs your help to clean Tom!
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  • Baby Puppy Eye Doctor
    This lovely puppy has eye problems and right now he needs your help. Play this game and make sure that he will receive medical assistance if he will need it, after he will go through a few eye tests. Can you do that...
    • Animals and Pets
  • Cute Puppy
    This adorable puppy is in the right mood to play with you ladies, but in order to get the fun started you'll have to dress it up as nicely as possible. Step in getting the 'Cute Puppy' game started and first of all...
    • Animals and Pets
  • Cute poodle spa day
    Hayden has a cute poodle which is very brisk and has brownie eyes. It would do whatever Hayden says. It called for Hayden accompany him for a walk. Since he was busy, he couldnâ??t accompany his pet. The pet went...
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  • Katies Dog Sitting
    Pick a puppy and cute outfit to go with it!
    • Jobs
  • Best in Show!
    Cute collars, fancy bows, and sequin suits await this award winning terrier. Keep that fur trim and be on your best behavior for the big dog show!
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  • Frisbee Under the Sun
    It's the weekend! No school means relaxing with friends and chilling in fun shorts, baby Ts, and sunshine!
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  • Pet Puppy Ice Cream
    As long as it's not chocolate, it's safe enough for these puppies to have! If you're feeling full from ice cream, then let your cute little golden retriever have a lick from your strawberry sundae. Or you can give...
    • Cooking
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