Manga Creator Star Wars: Page 1

Get ready to create an epic Star Wars moment with Rinmaru's Manga Creators! Imagine a twist on the classic scene where Han Solo faces off against Greedo in the cantina. This time, Han Solo is a daring female rogue who won't back down! Select the perfect outfit for your female Star Wars character and pick her opponent from a lineup including Greedo, Nien Nunb, a Twi'lek, Devaronian, or Gamorrean.

Dive into a variety of human outfits to style your heroine authentically, and tweak her genetics to make her truly unique. Experiment with different hairstyles and facial features to craft her look. Once your OC is ready, it's time to face the challenge! Will she outsmart her adversaries with clever schemes, or will she need to rely on her strength? The choice is yours as you create your own thrilling Star Wars adventure!

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This game can be played only on PC